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[C] yellow bird, up [G7] high in banana [C] tree
[C] yellow bird, you [G7] sit all alone like [C] me


[F] did your lady friend [C] leave de nest again
[G7] dat is very sad [C] makes me feel so bad

[F] you can fly away [C] in de sky away
[G7] you're more lucky dan [C] me


[C] I also had a [F] pretty girl

[G7] she's not with me to- [C] day
[C] they're all the same dose [F] pretty girls
[G7] dey always fly a- [C] way


[C] wish I were a [F] yellow bird

[G7] I'd fly away with [C] you
[C] but I'm not a [F] yellow bird

[G7] no'ting i can [C] do

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