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[D] who's to say what's impossible well

[Em] they forget this world keeps spinning and with

[D] each new day I can feel a change in

[Em] everything


and as the surface breaks re-

[D] flections fade but in some ways they re-

[Em] main the same and as my mind begins to

[D] spread it's wings, there's no stopping curi- [Em] osity


I want to turn the whole thing

[D] upside [Em] down
[G] I'll find the [A7] things they say just

[D] can't be [Em] found
[G] I'll share this [A7] love I find with

[D] every - [Em] one
[G] we'll sing and [A7] dance to Mother

[D] Nature's [Em] songs
[G] I don't want this [A7] feeling to go a- 

[D] way


who's to say, I can't do everything well

I can try, and as I roll along I begin to find
things aren't always just what they seem



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© 2019 by Rich 'Rico' Leon