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the [G] seaweed is [D] always [G] greener
in somebody [D] else's [G] lake
you dream about [D] going [G] up there
but that is a [D] big mis- [G] take


[C] just look at the [G] world around you
[D] right here on the [G] ocean floor
[C] such wonderful [G] things surround you
[D] what more is you [G] lookin' for


under the [C] sea [D] 

under the [G] sea
darling it's [C] better

down where it's [D] wetter
take it from [G] me


up on the [C] shore they work all [D] day
out in the [G] sun they slave a- [Em] way
while we [C] devotin'

full time to [D] floatin'
under the [G] sea


down here all the fish is happy
as off through the waves they roll
the fish on the land ain't happy
they sad 'cause they in their bowl


but fish in the bowl is lucky
they in for a worser fate
one day when the boss get hungry
guess who's gon' be on the plate


under the sea

under the sea
nobody beat us

fry us and eat us
in fricassee


we what the land folks loves to cook
under the sea we off the hook
we got no troubles

life is the bubbles

under the sea

under the sea

under the sea
since life is sweet here

we got the beat here
even the sturgeon an' the ray
they get the urge 'n' start to play
we got the spirit

you got to hear it
under the sea

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© 2019 by Rich 'Rico' Leon