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oh, when the [C] sun beats down

and burns the tar up on the [G] roof

and your [G7] shoes get so hot

you wish your tired feet were

fire- [C] proof [C7]


under the [F] boardwalk

down by the [C] sea
on a [C] blanket with my baby

[G7] is where I'll [C] be
(under the [Am] boardwalk)

out of the sun

(under the [G] boardwalk)

we'll be havin' some fun
(under the [Am] boardwalk)

people walking above
(under the [G] boardwalk)

we'll be fallin' in love


under the [Am] boardwalk

[Am] boardwalk


from the [C] park you hear

the happy sound of the carou- [G] sel
mmm, you can [G7] almost taste

the hot dogs and french fries they [C] sell


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Richard Leon

EcoLifestyle Advocate ~ Advisor ~ Investor