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[D] today, while the [Bm] blossoms still

[G] cling to the [A7] vine

I'll [D] taste your straw- [Bm] berries

I'll [G] drink your sweet [A7] wine
a [Am] million to- [Adim7] morrows

shall [Gm] all pass a- [Gdim7] way

[D] 'ere I for- [Bm] get all the

[G] joy that is [A7] mine

to- [D] day


[D] I'll be a [Bm] dandy

[G] and I'll be a [A7] rover

[D] you'll know who [Bm] I am

by the [G] songs that I [A7] sing
I'll [D] feast at your [Bm] table

I'll [G] sleep in your [A] clover

who [G] cares what the [A7] morrow

shall [D] bring



I [D] can't be con- [Bm] tented

with [G] yesterday's [A7] glory

I [D] can't live on [Bm] promises

[G] winter to [A7] spring
[D] today is my [Bm] moment

[G] now is my [A] story

I'll [G] laugh and I'll [A7] cry

and I'll [D] sing




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Richard Leon

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