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The Atonqi People

“...the ambitious young men did not wish to be bothered,

because they were finally making great progress.”

The Atonqi people were a large tribe that lived deep in the interior of a rainforest. Some of the younger members of the tribe were ambitious and wished to expand their world by creating a path to the sea. There were elders in the tribe, though, that were wary of this plan and chose not to participate and instead climbed the tallest trees to enjoy the view, make crafts, and converse with one another about tribal matters. At first, the clearing took much effort and progress was painfully slow and burdensome. Morale was low. But after some time, a few of the more clever workers suggested new cutting strategies and designed better tools and techniques that enabled them to clear the path faster and more efficiently with each passing day. The enthusiasm grew and morale improved. One day, the tree dwellers observed from their lofty vantage point that the workers were actually clearing a path straight to a densely populated tiger habitat on the other side of a ridge and not to the sea. When they climbed down to warn them, they were told that the ambitious young men did not wish to be bothered, because they were finally making great progress.

Selling Me Things

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