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summer- [Am] time [Bb7]

and the livin' is [Am] easy [Bb7]
fish are [Dm-M7-m7-m6] jumpin'

and the cotton is [Bm7b5] high [E7]


oh, your daddy's [Am] rich [Bb7]

and your mama good- [Am] lookin' [D7]
so [FM7] hush, little [Em] baby

[Dm7][E7] don't you [Am] cry [Bm7b5][E7]


one of these [Am] mornings [Bb7]

you're gonna rise up [Am] singing [Bb7]
and you'll [Dm-M7-m7-m6] spread your little wings

and take to the sky [Bm7b5][E7]


but till that [Am] mornin [Bb7]

ain't notin' can [Am] harm you [D7]
with yo’ [FM7] daddy and [Em] mama

[Dm7] [E7] standin' [Am] by


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Richard Leon

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