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[ C - Dm7 - Em - Dm7 ]

[C] sweet nightin- [Dm7] gale

[Em] why do you [Dm7] wake me so

sweet nightingale

you're telling me something

I don't know
it's quarter to three

you're singing driving me right outta my tree
I'm so tired that I could weep

when all the other birdies are still

fast asleep

[Em] morning is [FM7] coming

[Em] morning is [FM7] on it's way

[Em] morning is [FM7] coming

it's [G] revelation [F] day

oh nightingale

you broke a dream where I don't live on my own
oh nightingale

I look around but there's nobody home
rouse yourself and get out of bed

and drag your comb across your sleepy head
Brush your teeth and wash your face

and look like you're a member of the human race



[ D - G ]

[D] wake up, it's a beautiful [G] day

wake up, don't you hear what I say, 'cause I be

rocking in my shoes to this sweet reggae groove
ain't nobody gonna spoil my mood

to this beautiful sunshine I'm rising up
just a positive vibe, the sun it build me up
overflowing like the hot coffee inna me cup
ain't no time for easing up


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© 2019 by Rich 'Rico' Leon