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[ D - Em - A7 - D ]

[D] all day, all night, [Em] Marianne
[A7] down by the sea side [D] siftin' sand
[D] all de little children love [Em] Marianne
[Em] down by the seaside [D] siftin' sand

Marianne won't you talk to me

Marianne won't you walk with me

Marianne won't you sing for me

Marianne won't you dance with me


Marianne, please won't you say

how you be livin' dis beautiful way

Marianne, please won't you tell

how you be livin' so happy, so well

she say,

master your breath, eat the right food

walk to feel better, ride for good mood

listen to others, learn things each day

connect with your world, give some things away
learn to be still and quite your mind

choose to live simply and joy you will find

yes, you will; yes, you will

yes, you will; yes, you will

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© 2019 by Rich 'Rico' Leon