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[C] shake, shake, shake, Senora

shake your body [G7] line
shake, shake, 
shake, Senora

shake it all the [C] time


[C] work, work. work, Senora

work your body [G7] line
work, work, 
work, Senora

work it all the [C] time

[C] my girl's name is Se- [F] nora, I
[C] tell you friends, I a- [G7] dore her, and
[C] when she dances, oh [F] brother, she's a
[C] hurricane in [G7] all kinds of weather


[C] jump in the line [F] rock your body in

[C] time, ok [G7] I believe you

[ x4]


you can talk about Cha-Cha
Tango, Waltz, or the Rumba
Senora's dance has no title, you
jump in the saddle, hold on to de bridle


jump in the line...[x4]

Senora, she's a sensation, the

reason for aviation, and
fellas, you got to watch it, when she
wind up, she bottom, she go like a rocket

jump in the line...[x4]

Senora dances Calypso

left to right is the tempo
and when she gets the sensation
she go up in the air, come down in slow motion

jump in the line...[x4]

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