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[D] I thought love was

[A] only [G] true in [D] fairy tales
[D] meant for someone

[A] else but [G] not for [D] me

[G] love was out to [D] get me
[G] that's the way it [D] seemed
[G] disappointment [D] haunted

all of my [A7] dreams


then I saw her [D] face

[G] now I'm a be- [D] liever
not a [D] trace

[G] of doubt in my [D] mind
I'm in [D] love

[G] I'm a be- [D] liever
I couldn't [C] leave her

if I [A7] tried

[D] I thought love was

[A] more or [G] less a

[D] giving thing
[D] the more I gave the

[A] less I [G] got oh

[D] yeah


[G] what's the use in [D] tryin'
[G] all you get is [D] pain
[G] when I wanted [D] sunshine

I got [A7] rain



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Richard Leon

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