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[ D - D - C - G ]

well if your [D] lost and alone don't

[D] worry cause your already [C] home [G]

and I know it’s a long, long

road but we’re ready to go

I found beauty in the balance in be

-tween all the highs and the lows

so as long as I can sing my

song, I’m ready to

go, yeah I’m ready to go


for whatever gonna come my way, yes I just

give thanks, give thanks

all the struggles and the troubles and the

sorrows, yeah I just

give thanks, give thanks
don’t worry about tomorrow, your

life is today

It’s all gonna be okay



I give thanks for this love that your giving me, my

love is like an ocean, it ain’t got no worry
I’m sailing through the unknown on a

forbidden sea, well I’ve been

chasing the sun but it’s gone eventually
waves get rough and I’m not giving up, this

place it is forsaken, your memories are sacred
life gets tough, never stop looking up
give thanks for this life … my soul



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© 2019 by Rich 'Rico' Leon