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some- [D] where [Bm][G] be-[A7] yond the

[D] sea [Bm] some- [G] where [A7] waiting for
[D] me [F#7][Bm][A7] my lover

[D] stands on [Bm] golden

[G] sands [B7][Em] and

[A7] watches the

[Bm] ships [G] that go
[E-E7] sail- [A-A7] ing


some- [D] where [Bm][G] be- [A7] yond the
[D] sea [Bm] she's [G] there [A7] watching for
[D] me [F#7][Bm][A7] If I could

[D] fly like [Bm] birds on [G] high [B7][Em] then

[A7] straight to her

[Bm] arms [G] I'd go
[E7][A7] sailing [D][C#7]


it's [F#] far [D#m][B][C#7]

beyond the

[F#] stars [D#m]

it's [B] near [C#7] beyond the
[F#] moon [E7]


I [A] know [F#m][D][E7] beyond a

[A] doubt [F#m] my [D] heart [E7] will
[A] lead me there soon [A7]


we'll [D] meet [Bm][G][A7] beyond the
[D] shore [Bm] we'll [G] kiss [A7] just like

be- [D] fore [F#7][Bm][A7] happy we'll
[D] be [Bm] beyond the [G] sea [B7][Em]

and [A7] never a- [D] gain [Bm] I'll go

[G][A7] sail- [D] ing

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