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[C] sittin' here in my problem
[D] what am I gonna do now
[C] am I gonna make it
[D] someway, somehow

[F] maybe I'm not supposed to [C] know
[F] maybe I'm supposed to [C] cry
[F] and if nobody ever knows
the [C] way I feel, that's all [D] right
that's o- [D7] kay


[G] make my world a [F] better place
[G] keep that smile [F] on my face
[G] teach myself how to [F] understand
[E7] make myself a better man


climbin' out the window
climbin' up the wall
is anybody gonna save me

or are they gonna let me fall

well, I don't really wanna know
I'll just hold on the best I can
and if I fall down I'm gonna

get back up, it'll be alright

it'll be okay




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Richard Leon

EcoLifestyle Advocate ~ Advisor ~ Investor