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look for the, [C] bare ne- [C7] cessities
the [F] simple bare ne- [Fm] cessities
for- [C] get about your
[A7] worries and your [Dm] strife [G7]

I mean those, [C] bare ne- [C7] cessities
old [F] Mother Nature's [Fm] recipes
that [C] bring the

[A7] bare ne- [D7] cessi- [G7] ties of [C] life


wherever I [G7] wander

wherever I [C] roam
I couldn't be [G7] fonder

of my big [C] home [C7]

the bees are

[F] buzzin' in the [G] trees
to make some

[C] honey just for [Am] me


when [A7] you look under the

[Ab7] rocks and plants and
[G7] take a glance at them

[Gb7] fancy ants and then
[F7] maybe, try a

[A7] few


the bare ne- [F] cessities of

[G6] life will come to [C] you

[G7] they'll come to [C] you

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© 2019 by Rich 'Rico' Leon