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the falling [Gm7] leaves [C7]

drift by my [FM7] window [BbM7]

the autumn [Em7b5] leaves [A7]

of red and [Dm] gold


I see your [Gm7] lips [C7] the summer

[FM7] kisses [BbM7]

the sunburned [Em7b5] hands [A7]

I used to [Dm] hold


since you [Em7b5] went away [A7]

the days grow [Dm] long

soon I'll [Gm7] hear [C7] old winter's

[FM7] song


but I [Em7b5] miss you most of [A7] all my

[Dm] darling [DmM7-m7-m6] when

[Em7b5] autumn [A7] leaves start to

[Dm] fall

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