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some [Em] things in life are [A7] bad

they can [DM7] really make you mad [D#o7]
[Em] other things just [A7] make you

swear and [DM7] curse
when you're [Em] chewing on life's [A7] gristle
don't [DM7] grumble, give a [D#o7
and [Bm(addE)] this'll help things

[Fm(addE) turn out for the [A7] best, and

[D] always [Bm] look on the

[G] bright [A7] side of

[D] life [Bm][G][A7]
[D] always [Bm] look on the

[G] light [A7] side of

[D] life [Bm][G][A7]


if life seems jolly rotten
there's something you've forgotten
and that's to laugh and

smile and dance and sing
when you're feeling in the dumps
don't be silly chumps
just purse your lips and whistle

that's the thing



for life is quite absurd
and death's the final word
you must always face the

curtain with a bow

forget about your sin

give the audience a grin
enjoy it, it's the last chance




cause when you think of it

life's a piece of ---
life's a laugh and

death's a joke, it's true
you'll see it's all a show
so keep 'em laughing as you go
just remember that the

last laugh is on you



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© 2019 by Rich 'Rico' Leon