IslandersAll represents a simple and timely worldview that strongly encourages eco-lifestyles: voluntary lifestyle choices that reflect the core social and ecological values of many of the world's island cultures: beauty, balance, wisdom, simplicity, self-sufficiency, resilience, resourcefulness, mindfulness, music, humor, gratitude, generosity, community — and love and respect for the wonder, regenerative capacity, and healing power of the natural world.


Growing some of your own food — check out the culinary herbs trio kit at my IslandersDelight shop on Etsy — is a good beginning for 'islandy' ecological citizens of all ages.



Delightful Islandy Indoor Planters

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Also, replacing a car with an electric bike (think faster, farther, funner than a regular bike) is also a trend that is catching on across the country for many good reasons: 10 reasons to swap a car for an e-bike.

You see, unlike most mainlanders, islanders 'get' the necessity of living ecologically balanced lives, of being good stewards of the environment, and of basing their local, resilient, community-based economic systems on long-term sustainable well-being and real wealth (personal and ecological health) for all, rather than on short-term profits and runaway 'financial capital' virtual wealth (money) for a very few (learn more by reading my educational, eco-cultural novella: Lua's Way - A Salt-Sprayed Musical Tale of Mainland Madness, Island Wisdom, and Second Chances).


But we manic mainlanders — envious, impatient, insatiable hyper-consumers — are slowly (and grudgingly) coming around.


And because our numbers are now so large, our technologies are now so powerful, and our negative impacts on the interconnected,  interdependent natural world — of which we are a part, embedded in, connected to — are now so very damaging; we must accept the reality that our global consumer culture and insane infinite economic growth story must soon come to an end on our full, finite, and ecologically ravaged planet.


Indeed, we must acknowledge the inconvenient truth that clear environmental limits have been breached.


With a massive filthy ecological footprint from over two centuries of unfettered fossil-fueled economic hypergrowth, we have collectively reached the water's edge.


And we find, friends and fellow mainlanders, that we are now, suddenly ...


Richard Leon

EcoLifestyle Advocate ~ Advisor ~ Investor